How To Live One Epic Adventure

In celebration of April Fools’ Day (one of my favorite holidays), I surprised my best girlfriends with a 24 hour adventure to Las Vegas. It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do – surprise a group of close friends to an impromptu Vegas trip, all dressed up as Elvis, with a bucket list of things to do like ride the NY NY rollercoaster, zip-line through Fremont street, twerk, find the real Elvis, pop a bottle of champagne, enjoy a fancy, expensive dinner and cap the night off at the Bellagio Fountains for no other reason than simply wanting to.

I try to consciously create a life full of adventure whether it’s starting a new business, a new hobby, or planning a quick weekend trip to The Grand Canyon, dog sledding, venturing out to Greece, dining at a new restaurant, or simply unplugging from technology for a few hours to take a walk or throw a football. Seeking out adventures-big or small is what truly fulfills me. It makes me feel alive to discover new things, push past my fears, and experience the unknown. The World is full of marvels and I hope this video inspires you to break routine, venture out, and make more time for play.

Happy April Fools’ – may your day be filled with surprises and laughter.

Dedicated to all life explorers and risk-takers
Life should not be a journey with the intention of arriving safely.
It should be one crazy, messy, exciting
To explore the unknown
Push past our fears
Learn lessons in patience, trust, loss and love
Is finding yourself on the fringe of uncertainty
To do or not do? To make plans or promises?
Every day is lined with many choices and turns
& the only thing we’re losing is time
You may think you need a logical and valid reason to create
But simply wanting to – is good enough
Remember, Love rewards the brave
So take the risk
I hope you heed the next call to adventure
because it’s always a good time to feel alive

Your life is an adventure worth living,


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