Our Breakfast Social – How to Ask for Help

Just Ask. Ask and it is given. Ask and you shall receive. Good things come to those who…ask.

Our breakfast series kicked off at The Sparkle Bar with mimosas and gluten-free donuts baked by Bear and the Honey, raw and organic juices, fruit skewers and breakfast burritos by Kaleidoscope with Mamas Cold Brew keeping our guests caffeinated and energized.

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Our guests were adorned with beautiful, locally and hand-crafted Zenned Out metal bracelets with inspiring messages of “peaceful warrior” or “breathe” imprinted on them, and a bag full of seasonal accessories provided by L.V.Kiki, a monthly subscription-based company that sends customized boxes of 4-6 surprise accessories each month for only $19 + shipping.

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I was so honored to host 30 uniquely driven women for a motivating morning discussion on the art of asking for help. My co-hosts, Leiah Scheibel and Alexandra Bradberry, Founders of  The Sparkle Bar and Jenna Martin, Founder of Arizona’s first mobile flower boutique, The Florette shared the vital lessons in navigating the road to entrepreneurship, finding balance between raising a family to becoming full-time employees, to finding mentors, resources, and free educational programs in the Valley for business plans and financial projections.  We covered the discomforts of crowdfunding and asking for money, to shamelessly promoting our businesses online (and often). Here are the things they shared that helped accelerate their success and odds of receptivity when asking for help or stuff from others:

1) Make sure your brands align.

When looking for donations, collaborators and sponsors, make sure you share some synergy mojo, whether it’s the same target audience, mission, and purpose. Cross promotion is key but it only works if both parties can benefit from it equally. Femme Beat is geared towards women so we often look for female founded companies or brands that share similar missions in empowering and inspiring women everywhere.

2) Be clear about why and what you’re asking for.

Do your due diligence before reaching out. Know exactly what or why you’re interested in working with them and state it from the get-go. Is it a perspective you need, or something more specific like raising capital?  The more research you do, the better it presents your willingness to effectively use their knowledge and experience. It also shows them that you value their time by checking their Linkedin first and website.

3. It’s a numbers game.

Just because you get a “no,” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep asking. When one door closes, it just means it wasn’t your door to open. For every no, there’s a million brands and companies that’ll say yes, but the only way to find one is to keep on asking.

4. People want to help.

You may be surprised at how many successful people sincerely want to help you. It’s easy to forget they’ve been in your shoes before. Our speakers shared how important your close network is – family and friends are often the greatest advocates for your passion and they want to see you succeed. They should be the first people you ask for help from because they already love and believe in you. As for professionals offering their help to you, it’s important to still ask for it. The Sparkle Bar had a client offer to help in anyway she could, and instead of saying “thank you,” they called her back to specifically ask her to help mentor them. And then they researched what a mentor was, how often they should meet, etc. It’s not enough to know that someone can help you, you still need to ask for it and be specific.

5) Passion persuades.

It’s not about what your company or product can do.

It’s about YOU. It’s your passion, you feel called to do it, and you’re giving it all you’ve got. You need to define your why – the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do. People dig that and they’ll do anything to help you reach it.

Ask for what you want.  And then stretch to believe it is so.

Your life is an adventure worth living,


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