A serial risk-taker, entrepreneur, and modern day muse who cherishes discovery.

I am my own self-improvement project.

I believe there’s power in sexual healing and that it’s unique to all of us and our experiences.

This is my story.

I was adopted into a violent and abusive family where I was beaten and sexually molested for years. The adults responsible for my wellbeing often betrayed my trust and violated my body. As a child, I tried to make sense of everything, but had no one to talk to. I was alone, angry, and confused. What did I do to deserve this? Why me? I lived in constant fear until one night, after witnessing my Brother being brutally beaten and strangled, my intuition screamed “You need to get out or someone’s going to get killed!” The very next day, I reported the abuse and my brother and I never had to return home again.

Even though I was finally safe, growing up was still difficult and challenging. I jumped from foster home to foster home and lived with a Mother who was emotionally abusive and cold-hearted. It wasn’t until I turned 18 and left, that I began to unravel the many layers of my psyche, doubt, shame and guilt around sex, men, intimacy and trust. It was a chapter in my life where I began to explore and express my sexuality, and it led to a career path in the adult industry where I worked as a Contract Model and High Class Companion for over a decade.

In many ways, the adult industry had empowered me. I was financially stable, starting new businesses, traveling the world solo, and was very independent. I adopted a heightened sense of discernment and awareness for sexual, female and male dynamics; the need for validation, power, personal boundaries and detachment, but I also witnessed the dark sides of sexuality; addiction, abuse, dishonesty, and disassociation. I had seen how sex could empower us and how it could take from us, leaving our self-worth and vulnerability on the table.

I was also living a double life, compartmentalizing work from my personal life and it was getting harder and harder to live in secrecy. I hated lying to people about my whereabouts, but also needed to protect myself from the social constraints and stigmas of sex workers. Feeling like a constant outsider, I wanted to talk to someone I could be 100% honest with and began searching for help.

I ended up finding Intuitive Development, a personal development center in Phoenix and a private therapist who helped validate my truth and hold space for me to be honest, raw and vulnerable. Through their help, I began to understand the deep wounds and triggers of my past. I worked on rediscovering my power and releasing judgement and shame. I confronted my family, held them accountable and eventually severed ties. Eventually, I quit the industry and began to fully embrace myself and my past, both light and dark. I wish I could tell you I’m healed, but to be honest, it’s a continuous journey of unearthing past trauma, old patterns and beliefs. I’ve learned that the work is truly never done, but I’m much happier, secure, confident and open because of it. I have an amazing and deeply fulfilling relationship with my husband and a group of close girlfriends whom I love, cherish and respect. I also have a collaborative group and network of professionals who support me personally and professionally as I pursue my passion in helping other women own their sexuality and feminine essence.

The trauma of sexual abuse affects my life in several ways, but through deep introspection and feeling, I’ve gained an awareness and compassion for our most intimate, primal needs, fears and insecurities. I know what it’s like to guard and protect your heart after it’s been misused and abused. I know what it’s like to feel and think there’s something seriously wrong with you, and that you’re not good enough. I know what it’s like to live in duality, feeling like there’s a side of you that can’t be accepted. I also know there’s profound transformation in letting go of obligation and toxic relationships, so that you can begin to build a home within you. There’s power in your pain and purpose in your truth.

I’m here to help release the blocks that prevent you from experiencing tremendous freedom in intimately knowing yourself, so that you can lead with your whole essence, be seen and loved, and love another.

You’re not alone.