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Intimacy is about more than sex

A steamy, heated gaze from across the room that sends a shiver of anticipation trickling down your spine. The whisper of lips on your neck, insinuating more than just sex but sensual adoration too. A life where you’re not just cherished and loved in your relationship … but where you walk in your own power and cherish and love yourself too.

Full self-acceptance. Loaded self-worth. Overflowing connection. Complete ownership of your feminine beat. And heart-stirring intimacy, in all areas of your life.

I’m Jayd, a Sex, Love & Intimacy Coach and I believe that we are all ravenously hungry for intimacy.

But not the X-rated, intercourse-focused, sex-driven intimacy that society has fixated us on.

Something deeper. Stronger. More meaningful. More … exposed.

A place, and a space, where we feel safe to open ourselves up, completely and utterly. Where we accept ourselves, and others, exactly as we are and willingly, wantonly, show up as our true selves.

If this sounds scary, trust me, you’re not alone.

Revealing the true you in a world built on smoke and mirrors? It’s scary shit.

Which is why, as a society, we’ve lost trust in our ability to be vulnerable. It’s also why, even for those of us in a relationship, we can still feel empty, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Like intimacy – and love – are more illusion than reality.

But intimacy – and love – aren’t elusive.

We’ve just been looking in the wrong places for them.

In chasing false visions of sex-based intimacy, we’ve forgotten that it’s actually through emotional exposure, honesty, personal stories and raw engagement that we authentically connect and relate to each other.

Don’t get me wrong: Intimacy definitely includes good sex. Hell, great, mind-blowing sex. You deserve it.

But we’ve forgotten that when we open ourselves up – in romantic and sexual relationships as well as friendships – we invite in everything we’ve been longing for.

Sadly this sacred knowledge is no longer the societal norm.

Instead, we fill our gaping emotional voids with anti-depressants, alcohol, drugs, affairs, casual sex, social media, partying, filters, perfectionism, overworking, and overeating, thinking these things will fulfill us, but they never do.

Want to know what really fulfills us? What will fill that gaping void?

A deep understanding and acceptance of who we are is the key to feeling fulfilled and satisfied. And having the ability to share that with another?

Well that is intimacy: redefined.

Is this you?

  • You are a victim of past sexual abuse, rape, emotional trauma or had a strict religious upbringing.
  • Your marriage is crumbling and you feel like you and your partner are growing apart.
  • You’re knee-deep in a dating dry spell and wish you knew how to feel feminine, sexy and irresistible again.
  • You’re successful and in control of your corporate career, but flailing and frustrated with dating, men and intimacy.
  • You’re struggling to maintain your image of being the perfect wife and/or mother and feel like you’ve lost your own identity.
  • You always seem to attract the wrong men and women. Now you’re ready for a meaningful, mature and intimate relationship.
  • You’re re-entering the dating scene and want to revive your sexual spark and inspire your relationship rhythm.
  • You feel depleted, detached and disconnected from your own body and want to feel confident, sexy and sensual in – and out of! – the bedroom.
  • You’re struggling with deep, dark seeded desires that you feel you can’t let out.
  • You feel unseen, unwanted, unloved and unsafe in the world.

Or maybe you’re just ready to elevate your love, sex and intimacy. In any case, I’m here for you.

I know sex, and intimacy is my passion.

I worked in the adult industry for ten years and mindfully transformed my life from existing in the shambles of abuse to living with loving integrity.

In many ways, the adult industry empowered me. I adopted a heightened sense of discernment and awareness for sexual, female and male dynamics as well as the need for validation, power, personal boundaries and detachment.

But I also witnessed the dark sides of sexuality: addiction, abuse, dishonesty, and disassociation. I saw firsthand how sex could empower us and how it could take from us, leaving our self-worth and vulnerability shattered on the table.

I’ll be real with you: My past could have easily been a complete and utter shit show, but I’ve owned it and by constantly rediscovering who I am and evolving through self-expression, I have turned my life around.

I won’t walk you through the whole story (you can read about it here, if you’re interested) but I will say that being in the adult industry had both its dark and light sides.

I believe this is why I’m so accepting of people’s dualities. And how, in a way, I’ve come to understand intimacy so, well, intimately.

We are all multi-faceted beings and it’s my mission in life to help you own all elements of yourself – not just the parts that society deems acceptable.

Owning your feminine beat is owning your edge.

How I can help you reclaim intimacy in your life

We live in society that profits from our self-doubts. A world that is happier keeping us small and stuck than enlightened and unleashed.

But their profit has been our loss.

Our loss of intimacy. Our loss of connection. Our loss of self.

And it has left us craving, hungry for more.

Maybe this sounds familiar?

Are you longing to:

  • Be seen in your life and relationships.
  • Create deeper and more fulfilling relationships.
  • Stop caring what others think about you and embrace unerring self-confidence and self-expression.
  • Develop and maintain personal boundaries that will keep you and your relationships safe and protected.
  • Become emotionally and sexually empowered.
  • Discover, explore and understand your unique sexual template (and what makes you tick!)
  • Re-ignite intense attraction and sexual desire in your marriage, relationship and sex life.
  • Release shame, guilt, past pain and limiting beliefs to design a life of pure authenticity.
  • Become mindfully magnetic and embody the true values of desirability.
  • Focus not just on finding ‘the one’, but on finding yourself and the feminine aspects of your soul too.

If so … I want you to know there’s nothing stopping you.

I create a safe space for women to open up about their dating and intimacy concerns, insecurities, frustrations, secrets, and past shame.

In my mentoring sessions, nothing is too taboo or off limits to confess. Societal constraints and social biases towards women and sexuality still exist and I help bring awareness to harsh stigmas, dependent patterns and the mental blocks that prevent us from experiencing true, feminine fulfillment.

What coaching with me feels like

Imagine connecting with someone that doesn’t just believe in you … but has totally got your back and is your biggest fan. A guide, mentor and fellow soul-searcher that can empower you on your journey towards intimacy and self-expression.

I can be that person for you.

Through 1:1 coaching (via Skype) I guide you in digging deep into your soul and awakening your true essence. We’ll navigate your self-doubts, insecurities and fears and then I will illuminate the darkness so you can step into the light and own every single part of yourself.

Together, we’ll uncover your story and inner dialogue and bring meaning into your life by unleashing intimacy in your relationships.

I believe in listening to your truth and finding ways to be accountable to your needs. There’ll be discussions and explorations into root issues surrounding men, sex, pleasure, trust and intimacy and a holistic focus on revealing your natural, feminine essence through a reconnection with your heart.

We’ll uncover the blocks and misguided beliefs around sex, communication, dating and relationships so that you can begin to authentically show up, deepen your relationships, or attract the right one.

Every session will be different and tailored to align with exactly what you need to elevate your self-discovery and propel you towards your vision of the future.

In essence, I will support and guide you in giving yourself permission to follow your heart … wherever it may take you.

Does that tickle your heart space? Light your inner fire? If so, let’s chat.

It’s time to own your Feminine Beat

You’re invited to book a 75 minute Discovery Session at $125 with me so that we can explore your story and discover whether I’m your mentoring match. If you’re in the Phoenix area, we can meet in-person at my office.

To claim this offer, please email Include a short introduction and insight into your personal story. I’ll respond within 24-hours and together, we’ll take you one step closer to inspired intimacy in all areas of your life!